Technical Specifications


Main Theatre:

Seating Capacity - 301 with seating in 3 sections as follows

Pit Area - 70

Stalls - 126

Balcony - 49

Side Galleries -

56 Wheel Chair positions - There are 5 positions, please consult the seating plan for exact location.


Procenium Arch Opening - 9.6 Meters

Proscenium Arch Height - 7.31 Meters

Height to Soft Plemet - 6.09 Meters

Stage Depth - 7.31 Meters

Rake - None

Get in door max size - 2 meters x 2.16 meters

Lighting - ETC Ion (1024 channels) 144 Dimmers

Sound - JBL VRX Ground Stack Line Array, 6 way Mix, Yamaha M7CL (mk1 console)

Mix Position - Either in control room or in seating rake (6 seats are lost)


The Studio :

The Studio is on our second floor above the main foyer. Access is via the main passenger lift and the main stair case. Further access is avaliable via a stair case back of house.

Empty Space Dimensions - 10 Meters x 10 Meters.

Room Height - 2.6 Meters ( Please not this does not include the reduction in height around the lighting bars)

Lighting - 24 Hardwired channels to a Strand LD24 Dimmer with ETC Ion Control.

Sound - Yamaha LS-9/16 desk with Yamaha DSR 12" top and DSR18 Subs. 4 monitor wedges are available.

The Studio is subject to change without notice.



OR BY PHONE 01527 57 2639.