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PerKelt has performed its unique, Celtic Medieval Speed Folk since 2008. 


With over 700 performances in the past few years, the list of venues and festivals is impressive. Performing on recorder, harp, guitar, percussion, and vocals, experience the passion and energy they create with melodic Celtic sounds. 


Pavlina Bastlova - vocals,recorders, harp

Stepan Honc - guitar

David Maurette - drums 


Pavlina, also known as Paja, was one of the founding members of PerKelt. Born in the Czech Republic, Paja was considered to be a child prodigy recorder player since the age of four years old, and she has won many recorder competitions. Paja takes the definition of 'speed folk'  to an entirely new level. She moves effortlessly between recorder, to multi-lingual vocals in traditional and original PerKelt songs. Whether Paja is singing in: Czech, Old Galician, Scottish Gaelic, French, Old Occitan, Swedish, or English ... her angelic, yet powerful voice will move you.

Štěpán was also an original founding member of PerKelt. Together with Paja, they were responsible for creating and composing their music and they still perform often as a duet. Born in the Czech Republic, Štěpán graduated from The Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and graduated with honours (Classical Guitar) from The Conservatory Pardubice, Czech Republic. A pure pleasure to watch as he interacts with the audience and band-mates with lightening speed across guitar strings... you are in for a treat of sight and sound.

David joined the band in 2015 after many adventures all over the world. He has played the drums in one form or another since he was a teenager and prior to PerKelt he was a member of  a heavy metal band, which served him well in the transition to speed folk genre. With his set of African drums: Dundun, Sangba and Kenkeni, and several cymbals for high percussion the results make even the timid go tribal. David will steal your heart, one beat at a time. 

PerKelt's original compositions with content drawn from Medieval and traditional sources can be found on three albums: Musica Mardania, Dowry Of A Troll Woman, Dancer On The Wind.


In the Artrix Studio

Unallocated Seating


Saturday 11th March 2017 at 8pm


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