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Maureen Younger: Out of Sync

Maureen Younger: Out of Sync

Growing up in a de facto Scottish enclave in north London; Maureen Younger was not just the only Scottish girl at school, she was about the only white girl too. As a result, Maureen has always felt out of sync with the rest of the world. 

As a comedian, Maureen now finds herself performing regularly at mainstream, urban, Asian and gay comedy nights despite being white and straight. She’s multi-lingual, middle-aged (well, shall we say 38…) and happy to be single. What do you do when you don’t fit in? Refuse to conform and don’t care!

Out of Sync is Maureen’s new show in which she shares her stories of being at odds with the world and celebrates being unapologetically true to yourself.


In The Studio

Unallocated Seating


Saturday 19th September 2020 at 7.30pm



Please note, car parking charges are now in effect. Click here for more information.


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