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Redditch Astronomical Society: Exploring the Cosmos

Redditch Astronomical Society: Exploring the Cosmos

This event has been rescheduled from 28 March 2020. If you had tickets booked for the original date, your tickets will be valid for the new date. If you cannot make the new date, please look out for an email from our team regarding the options available.


Redditch Astronomical Society, with support from the Royal Astronomical Society presents: Exploring the Cosmos



Join us for a day of lectures from local and national Astrophysicists with the event culminating in a talk and book signing with Special Guest Chris Lintott who will be discussing his new book ‘The Crowd and the Cosmos’.

Chris Lintott
In his engaging, entertaining and semi-autobiographical new book 'The Crowd and the Cosmos', Lintott describes the exciting discoveries that people all over the world have made, from galaxies to pulsars, exoplanets to moons, and from penguin behaviour to old ship's logs. This approach builds on a long history of so-called 'citizen science', given new power by fast internet and distributed data. Discovery is no longer the remit only of scientists in specialist labs or academics in ivory towers. It's something we can all take part in.

Chris is a professor of astrophysics at the University of Oxford, where he is also a research fellow at New College. As Principal Investigator of the Zooniverse, he leads a team who run the world's most successful citizen science projects, allowing more than a million people to discover planets, transcribe ancient papyri, or to explore the Serengeti. For this work he has received awards from the Royal Society, American Astronomical Society and Institute of Physics amongst others.

A passionate advocate of the public's understanding of science, he is best known as co-presenter of the BBC's long running Sky at Night program.

Alice Sheppard
Alice was one of the first volunteers at Galaxy Zoo, and will take us to back to the beginning of that universe. She was the lead moderator for the discussion forum, and became a community leader: keeping everyone updated with regular news, ensuring volunteers were welcomed, answering questions, and keeping the place friendly.

As ordinary citizens began to make astronomical discoveries, Alice's life became filled with unexpected new tasks: arranging meet-ups and media interviews, writing up everybody's contributions to discoveries to ensure the right names were credited, and organising the beautiful tutorials and write-ups that 'Zooites' created for each other!

It was the creation of a new field: the care and management of citizen science volunteers. Alice was asked to speak about this at conferences and got a job at UCL's Extreme Citizen Science department, where she now works on citizen science training and communication.


Jenifer Millard
Jeni a final year Astrophysics PhD student at Cardiff University, specialising in galaxy evolution. She  studies how the amount of gas and dust in galaxies changes over cosmic time using images taken at wavelengths far beyond what our eyes can see. She also uses simulations and models to try and understand what those pictures are showing us.

When not working hard to finish her PhD, Jeni can often be found sharing her love of astronomy with the world - be it through her podcast 'Awesome Astronomy' (@AwesomeAstroPod), or her articles on 'Sky Guide' (App Store). Sometimes she can be found a bit closer to home, giving talks or running  workshops at local schools and star parties, or speaking festivals and events. Occasionally, even a bit of guerilla astronomy happens!

In this talk, Jeni is going to take us on a journey of galactic proportions - join us as we sail through the  History of Galaxies, and lift the veil on the Hidden Universe. You'll never look at the night sky in the  same way!


Limited seats available.

In the Studio

Unallocated Seating


Sunday 4th October 2020 at 9.30am



Please note, car parking charges are now in effect. Click here for more information.


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