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The Counterfeit Stones

The Counterfeit Stones


Why pay a fortune to see ants in a stadium when for a fraction of the price you can get up close and smell the faking brilliance of the Counterfeit Stones - described as a Rolling Stones’ hooky masterpiece. Their latest fast shuffle – NOT FAKE AWAY, promises yet another night of utter Copy-Rock. Now in their 29th year, these fraud-stars continue to deliver the best “mock ‘n’ roll” show on the circuit.  Packed with big hits, retro fashion, vintage guitars and a huge dollop of “Spinal Tap” humour, it’s Satis-fiction guaranteed.  So “Come On” all you Honky Tonks and Pretend The Night Together !

The Counterfeit Stones are more than a tribute to the Rolling Stones, they're a complete re-enactment and with a healthy smattering of "Spinal Tap" humour, their performances take on an almost cartoon like air. Their attention to detail has earned them critical acclaim from a multitude of sources and whether it be a lick on the guitar or the wipe of an eyebrow, no stone is left unturned. The theatre production is essentially a mockumentary of the Rolling Stones' colourful history from 1962. It's played out in separate chronological periods and includes a variety of spoof film clips which con­veniently cover the costume and set changes. The repetoire, instruments and clothes faithfully match those of the originals in the eras depicted and the show has been affectionately described as a masterpiece in" fraud rock & hookey nostalgia." 

The band formed in October 1991 and although there have been some personnel changes since then, the characters of course never change. They've played most major countries in the world and been booked by multinationals, British Royalty, and some of the most famous interna­tional celebrities. Even Mick Jagger himself quoted The Counterfeit Stones as being," The Most famous Stones band in England". They've shared stages with Joe Cocker, Iggy Pop, Blur, ZZ Top, Bryan Ferry and many more. 


“The most famous Stones band in England”…        SIR MICK JAGGER

“They’re hilarious”…                                                 JERRY HALL

“Four out of five stars”…                                           THE TIMES

“Your contribution was much remarked upon”…  BUCKINGHAM PALACE

“Better than the originals”…                                     THE GUARDIAN

“They brought back my youth”…                             SIR TIM RICE


Friday 21st February 2020 at 8pm

Saturday 22nd February 2020 at 8pm



Please note, car parking charges are now in effect. Click here for more information.


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